Frequently Asked Questions.
  • How Do I Get Free Personal GPS Tracking?

    It's Smple all You will need is an Iphone that has an internet data package (if you can access the internet on your phone you have this)
  • How does the GPS personal tracking work?

    Its a very simple app that uses the inbuilt GPS within your Iphone. Every 30 seconds or more (depending on your choice) your position is uploaded to our state of the art datacenter and processed. This will then display your position on our live maps. Anyone can view where you are in real time.
  • How can the Free personal GPS tracker be used?

    Our appication has been designed as a personal tracking system. Primarily we have developed it for the sports market giving family and friends the ability to track the progress of competitors during an event.

    Our application can be used for many many applications:

    - Running Events (Marathons, Ultra Marathons, 10k and many more)

    - Walking Events (Long distance walking events)

    - Cycling Events (Sportive events of all distances)

    - Vehicle Tracking (Tracking vehicles - can be used to monitor your staff during working hours)

    - Personal (Can be used as a safety device for your children so you know where they are)

    - Many more uses

    Our application can be used for many applications it is not just limited to sporting events.

  • How secure is the tracker?

    Yes its very secure. Our application has been developed to display your position on our publicly available tracking map. It is designed to allow people to monitor your progress during an event. We do not display any personal information on our public view maps. We only ask for general information such as competitor numbers and display names

    Private Tracking

    We have a private tracking setting within the application that allows you to use our tracking service but remain invisible on all public maps. When using this private setting you can provide any of your friends and family with a unique link that would allow them to follow your progress on our tracking maps. Only people who know this unique link can follow your progress so its all very secure.

  • Is the personal FREE GPS tracking accurate?

    We have found that we have an acuracy within 5-10 meters depending on the environment you are in. Our system relies upon transmitting your position to our datacenter. Should you travel through an area with no internet signal then the application will not transmit data at that moment. As soon as you are in an area with an internet signal the app will transmit your position again.
  • How much does our personal tracker cost?

    Our personal tracking app is completely free to download and use on as many devices as you need.
  • Does the personal GPS tracker use much data?

    We only transmit a small amount of data with each update. Using GPS can reduce your battery life. We have built in the facility to alter your updates saving battery life in the process. Depending on the type of event you are in depends on how often you need to provide a real time update. As an example if you are taking part in a long distance cycling event you do not need to send updates every 30 seconds. In this instance every 5 minutes would suffice or even longer. If you where taking part in a 10k running event you might want to give updates every 30 seconds to give greater accuracy for those following you.
  • Can I track more than 1 person?

    Our system has been developed and provided for free the only limitation is that you can track 1 person at once. If you are a company looking to track a fleet of vehicles then please get in touch as we can create multiple tracking systems. *Fees Apply
  • Can I embed it within my own website?

    Absolutely.. you are free to use our tracking system and we have designed a page that can be used to embed the live maps within your own website. Please contact us for details.